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Climbing Valleys Strategy System

Know Your Probabilities And Statistics To Trade And Invest Better

How To Know If A Trading Strategy Really Works

What if you would not need to trust system vendor marketing messaging, or book authors claims, but you could have your charts tell you straight up how well your strategy works on the chart and the timeframe you are looking at? That would instantly remove the need to back test using spreadsheets or code... but what could that do to your ROI?

 Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON! (Please Wait For Video To Fully Load)
 Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON! (Please Wait For Video To Fully Load)

Never Trade An Untested Strategy!

Who would not have heard this piece of advice? And who would not have paid dearly for not following it!

"This System Has XYZ% Win Rate!"

The world is full of all sorts of trading systems, and methods for investors to time the markets better, with higher ROI and a smaller likelihood of failure. And when you read the titles of the marketing videos and pages, many seem to have an ultra high probability of profit. Can you trust their marketing claims?

A fact (easily proven through statistics) is that every trading system has a different likelihood of victory on every different chart, and on every different timeframe. What works on TSLA may be horrible on AAPL, and something that is worthless on 15 minute candles may be amazing on weekly candles... and vice versa!

Back testing reveals the true numbers

The only way to learn the true historical win rates of a trading system is to do (extensive) back testing on those systems. There are essentially two ways to do this: eyeballing charts and recording findings in a spreadsheet, or coding a back-tester.

The sheer amount of work required to do this for just one chart (ticker + timeframe) is high, and analyzing just 10 stocks on daily candles could be weeks work using Excel...

And here's where most traders stop their attempts to prove that their system produces reliably market-beating results in different market conditions.

Today, that changes for you

After spending countless nights testing various indicators and strategies on countless charts, becoming increasingly frustrated by the work related to writing or modifying code every time we wanted to try something different... we figured out that we must not be alone with this challenge.

And so we decided to build a back-tester directly into our indicator code, so whenever we try some new settings on the indicator, or simply put the indicator on a different chart, we can instantly see the back-testing results without having to write one single line of code more!

Introducing: Climbing Valleys Strategy System

The Climbing Valleys Strategy System is a technical analysis research system that allows a trader or an investor to quickly analyze the historical performance of different trend-following strategies on any chart, so they can increase their consistent ROI through making better decisions by only taking trades that have a tendency to work and avoiding all the setups that have usually led to painful losses.

Learn How Climbing Valleys Strategy System Helps You Trade And Invest Better

rules-based trading signals

Rules-Based Trading Signals

Plan your trade, trade your plan - you have heard this one, right? And yet, most traders do not plan and those who do, quite often break their rules! It's easy to "see things".

Climbing Valleys Strategy System lets you design your system and shows entry and exit signals for your rules on the screen. So you have easy time following your rules.

automatic on-screen back-testing

Automatic On-Screen Testing

Any rules set you build is automatically tested for you: verify the win probability, average size of winners and losers, the average duration of the trade and other useful data directly on your screen.

With our best technology by your side, you can navigate the markets like a pilot with all the key data available on your HUD!

easy to use hard to miss

Easy To Use, Hard To Miss

Knowing exactly what works is not enough if you keep missing the key trading moments. With the possibility to set alerts to your favorite charts, missing the best opportunities becomes close to impossible.

The user guide and training videos will get you going in no time. And if you still have challenges with the tool, we will help you!

Here's How The System Works

build your trading system

Build your trading system

The Climbing Valleys Strategy System allows you to build your own trading systems by combining moving averages, momentum measurements and oscillators and blend this together with inter-market and multi-time frame analysis and more.

Want to know if buying daily chart pullbacks to a rising ema21 during a squeeze when QQQ weekly momentum is rising actually works? We've got you covered, just check the data screen and you will know!

verify your system quality

Verify your system quality

As a trader, you have your quality standards. Maybe you want to only take trades where you risk one to make two (1:2 risk to reward) and you want to only take these trades when you have at least 70% probability of winning.

Whatever your rules are, make sure your system meets your requirements before trading it! With Climbing Valleys Strategy System, you can finally be the boss and get what you want.

build assets

Build watchlist, set alerts, go!

With your strategy ready and validated with a few decades of historical price data, you're good to go.

Now it's time to start creating high-value assets for your trading business:

Build watch lists of the best winners, set alerts so you don't miss the best opportunities and enjoy the rewards!

With Climbing Valleys Strategy System

Knowing What Works Is A Choice

That's all there is to it.

You literally just tell the strategy system your rules, and it runs the back test for you.

Then you see if the chart's statistics meet your requirements, and if it looks quite good but not good enough, you can tweak the settings to find a better set of parameters because the effect of every modification you make is instantly visible on the statistics panels.

Once you have found what works, you simply set alerts so you can take the trade when the markets are ready to give you that high probability trade.

knowledge is power - instant on-screen back-testing

For your info, that chart is for Visa Inc. (V). As our client, you will get access to the settings we use on this chart.

Never Having To

Guess And Hope That

A Trading System Works

Is Just One Click Away

Climbing Valleys Strategy System benefits

Using the Climbing Valleys Strategy System could take you from a struggling trader or investor to effortlessly beating the index with consistent, high margins faster than any other approach you'll ever see.

cutting edge tech on any chart

Experience cutting-edge technology on nearly any chart

Climbing Valleys Strategy System works on TradingView, which is a free charting platform with access to a huge number of markets all around the world.

Whether you are looking at blue chip stocks from the US stock market, FOREX pairs, crypto currencies or an European stock index, you can probably find the chart that you want to watch on this platform, and you can use Climbing Valleys on it.

standalone or combined with fundamentals

Use as your technical analysis trading routine, or combine with fundamentals

If you prefer purely technical plays, you could for example hunt for Bollinger band squeezes on daily charts while SPY and Bitcoin are in an up-trend and the stock or coin you're watching is dipping toward EMA50.

For those with a long-term perspective, combine your own due diligence and fundamental analysis with Climbing Valleys on slower charts to pinpoint the ideal buying moments for long-term holds. Add shares to your current position at a significant discount or purchase LEAP call options to express a more aggressive long-term view on a fundamentally strong company.

Regardless of your trading style, the Climbing Valleys Strategy System empowers you to understand your statistical edge and make informed decisions.

unlimited access to future versions

Unlimited access to continuous innovation

Your feedback plays a crucial role in the ongoing improvement of the Climbing Valleys Strategy System. We're committed to enhancing your trading and investing experience while also refining our own strategies.

As an early customer, you'll benefit from unlimited access to the latest and most advanced versions of the Climbing Valleys Strategy System, all at no additional cost.

no more missed opportunities

No more missed opportunities

The effectiveness of even the best market timing systems is limited if you miss their signals. It's frustrating to see a clear signal that you didn't act on simply because you weren't paying attention.

With the Climbing Valleys Strategy System, you won't miss out on these opportunities. Our customizable alert system delivers instant notifications to your phone, email, or browser based on your preferences.

Let our innovative technology keep an eye on the charts for you, so you can focus on taking action when it truly matters.

Looks Good... But How Can I Trust You?

A Few Strategy Samples

In addition to the Climbing Valleys Strategy System technology itself, you will get access to all the settings used in these images and more, thoroughly explained to you on the Climbing Valleys Strategy System members portal.

ULTA recent trades

Ulta Beauty, Inc. (ULTA)

High Valleys win 80% of the time, with average winning trade size over +32% and average loss at exactly -19%. Expected average return per trade +22.5%.

Deep Valleys win 81.8% of the time (+27.8% on average) with average loss under -20% and expected return per trade at +19.2%.

SBUX recent CVSS signals

Starbucks Corporation (SBUX)

High Valleys win 81.1% of the time, with average winning trade size +17.2% and average loss under -12%. Expected average return per trade +11.7%.

Deep Valleys win 73.5% of the time (+19.4% on average) with average loss under -12% and expected return per trade at +11.1%.

NFLX daily chart opportunities

Netflix, Inc. (NFLX)

High Valleys win 71.2% of the time, with average winning trade size +15.1% and average loss at -15.2%. Expected average return per trade +6.4%.

Deep Valleys win 70.9% of the time (+14.9% on average) with average loss at -15.6% and expected return per trade at +6.0%.

If you know how options work, you may be thinking something along the lines of "well... if the win rates are like this why would I just not simply sell ATM vertical put spreads when there's a signal and make my life easy".

That's a fair point... and we do also that. :)

But let's not stop here.

This exciting image is from 2022

While 2022 was not a very easy year for many investors, there were sectors and industries that did great also, or especially during 2022. Just like there are winners during almost any bear market. (In 2022, not so many in tech...)

Here's one that did well in early 2022:

GRIN with Climbing Valleys Strategy System

Within the scope of just six months, there were three solid wins on Grindrod Shipping Holdings Ltd. (GRIN).

(If you take a look at GRIN chart, you'll see that the time until June was not so good... and guess what: the Climbing Valleys Strategy System stop alerting trades for GRIN and started alerting tickers like ULTA!)

But in early 2022, GRIN was great, and for somebody trading stock with a $10k risk per position, these trades could have netted a solid


That's right, a bit over 103% growth in roughly six months, between January and June 2022. (Most investors and traders probably did not reach this performance level in early 2022. I hope you did!)

And that's just good old shares. No options needed. (If you know how to use them, however, the results may become unbelievably good. You have been warned!)

You can probably see that we could easily ask a few thousand dollars for this as an annual subscription and investors with moderate account sizes would happily pay that because they know just one win would easily pay it back...

And we probably will, but not yet.

Instead of a four figures annual subscription,


Improve Your Consistent ROI By Getting A Proven Edge And Never Miss Another Big Opportunity By Setting Instant Alerts

  • +103% on GRIN with 3 trades in Jan - Jun 2022

  • +17.2% on SBUX on average (81% win rate)

  • +22.5% average gain on ULTA (80% win rate)

  • +6.4% on average for NFLX (71% win rate)

Proven Edge

Climbing Valleys Strategy System has a built-in back-tester. Trade the best, drop the rest for a ROI boost!

Unlimited Charts

Built on TradingView, Climbing Valleys Strategy System can be used on virtually any chart of any tradeable asset imaginable.

No More FOMO

Use the instant alerts of and let our technology watch the charts for you. Simply check in when you know it's the time!

Unlimited Updates

We are constantly improving our technology, so we can win more. Join us today and get all the updates, free of charge!



Option Investors Club Iron-Clad 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

"Spend 30 full days using this as much as you want. If you don't see the value in it, just ask for a refund by contacting our support.

And if you forget the date and write in a few days after the guarantee period ends, don't worry about it. We will refund your purchase anyway.

If you don't see the value, I don't want the money. Sound fair?"

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know Climbing Valleys will work for me?

You know, when folks ask the question "What if this does not work for me…"

What I'm really hearing is: "Hey, I like everything you have shown me but I'm not sure I can do this."

You know, I could sit here all day and tell you this is going to be super easy… but it is not, and if you have been trading or investing any amount of time, you probably know it.

Tools and strategies can be simple to use… but still difficult to follow.

Fear and greed make traders blow up accounts, and while these signals are super accurate, FOLLOWING THEM may not be easy.

So… while on paper, trading and investing is simple: you buy cheap, and you sell expensive…

Many people do the exact opposite. And many quit: Based on research done by some university folks, 40% of all traders quit within their first month and just one in five last over two years.

But: those who quit never get to enjoy the life that consistently profitable traders and investors can achieve.

And guess why they quit?

They take trades that feel good, but that are doomed to fail.

The Climbing Valleys Strategy System allows you to do two things: take trades that generally work, and avoid trades that usually fail.

While nothing is perfect (and you get to see the exact historical probabilities and other stats), betting on consistent winners and avoiding consistent losers is, over time, a fantastic way to become a consistently winning trader.

As you are still here weighing this decision, I have a feeling that you are one of those people who do not give up.

If you think this system could help you increase your ROI on the markets, here's how you can try this without any risk:

Buy the Climbing Valleys Strategy System now and test it for 30 days on a demo account.

Your purchase will be covered by the 30 days 100% money back guarantee, so there is no risk on that front, and using a demo account instead of risking your real portfolio means that you are not risking your capital on the test either.

How much time will trading this system take?

People with busy professional lives and a family to take care of may worry about not having enough time to use the Climbing Valleys Strategy System.

With active trading, that's a very valid point!

With this approach, however, you can literally just set alarms to go off on a few charts that you like, for example S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow Jones…

Or Apple, Tesla, Chevron, Deere, Home Depot, Abbvie, Ethereum and Crude Oil…

Whatever you like, really.

And then you literally do nothing until you get an alert.

For example on VLO, that happened three times between February and April 2022 on the daily chart, and two of those moves gave over +9.5% returns while the third one was over +15%. Very nice while the markets are generally just selling off, right?

So while you DO need to trade or invest, with this approach you do not need to be very active.

The signals are supposed to be taken when the signal bar is complete, so if you are watching the daily charts for stocks, ETFs and options, it's when the market closes in the afternoon and for futures and crypto it's in the evening.

The schedule is always the same, so it is possible to make space in also a tight schedule for something that, if it happens, tends to always happen at the same time of the day.

Would you be ready to take investing and trading seriously if it would require you to make sure you have a bit of time in the afternoon or in the evening… IF you get an alert from a chart that you want to follow.

Checking the chart and verifying that the signal is valid is literally a question of a few seconds and setting up the trade should not take anybody longer than a minute.

We both know getting consistent high ROI through investing and trading is more important than those few minutes.

Buy the Climbing Valleys Strategy System now and start using it to improve your ROI

Your purchase will be covered by the 30 days 100% money back guarantee, and if you use a demo account instead of risking your real portfolio, you can have a 100% risk-free testing period.

Nothing to lose, a lot to win.

What is the win rate?

The win rate depends totally on the chart you use: the stock / other asset AND the time-frame. This is the same for every trading system on the planet, by the way, so if a YouTube video from a guru tells you something else, you can safely disregard the information.

Moreover, the win probability depends on your approach.

Buying stock, buying calls, selling puts and trading option spreads all give a different win probability (and risk vs reward profile) for the same signal on one chart.

The Climbing Valleys Strategy System's win rate and average trade result display assumes that the trader is using the instrument directly and not applying any more advanced tools to it... so you can use that as a general guideline if that's your style. (It's not mine most of the time: I'm an options guy.)

Buy the Climbing Valleys Strategy System today and see the probabilities for every chart yourself!

Your purchase will be covered by the 30 days 100% money back guarantee, so there is no risk on that front, and using a demo account instead of risking your real portfolio means that you are not risking your capital on the test either.

How do I contact support?

You can reach our support via email. Please write your emails in English and send them to support@optioninvestors.club

Why is Climbing Valleys Strategy System so cheap?

The main reason this is so affordable is that we want to get a wide user base before bringing price on-par with similar tools from other trading technology providers on the market.

Get Climbing Valleys Strategy System now while it's still so affordable.

Why is this so expensive?

For folks with a smaller portfolio, a $997 one-time payment may feel a bit pricey... for which reason we propose a $197 per month payment plan where you pay a monthly $197 payment once a month for 6 months and after that period, there are no more payments and you get to keep the Climbing Valleys Strategy System for life and get all future upgrades as well.

So, let's imagine that you choose the payment plan option. If we also imagine that you would do roughly one trade per week, and three out of four win and one loses.

If you would structure your trades so that your risk per trade is $50 and you have a 1:2 risk to potential ratio, you would aim at $100 gain per trade.

3 wins would give you +$300 and the loss would reduce that by $50 to +$250.

And there you go: even with a very small position size, if you construct your trades (target and stop loss) right, the $197 payment should be easy to finance with the profits.

And if you would split that $197 per as a daily cost (that stops after 6 months), you would get under $6.60 per day.

If you agree that this is a very affordable price for the Climbing Valleys Strategy System which allows you to avoid bad trades so you can double down on the high-probability winners (read: win more and lose less), we are very happy to invite you to become our customer!

Join us today and start using the Climbing Valleys Strategy System to increase your ROI.

Are you using this yourselves, or just selling crap to fools online?

That's a great question.

While it may be true that internet is half-full of crap, and there certainly are trading gurus out there who have never traded for real...

We develop technology first and foremost for our own use. Some of the technology is made available to our customers. (And the main reason for developing this strategy system was very precisely rooted in our desire to not believe what folks on the internet say!)

The technology we make available for consumers needs to be reliable, provide good quality information, and it has to be easy to use so our support email box does not get flooded.

However, this may still not be right for you. For example, if you do not like trading up-trends higher, or reversals after good sell-offs, this is not for you. The Climbing Valleys (hint in the name) is a bullish trading system. While we are very likely going to build a similar statistical tool for bear trades, this is not it!

Also, this trading system simulates mostly setups where a the trader buys a dip or trades higher from a support level: break-out trades are also super interesting (and powerful) but due to how different those rules are, that will be another strategy system that is not yet ready.

Here's how to find out easily and 100% risk free if you like the Climbing Valleys Strategy System:

Buy the Climbing Valleys Strategy System now and test it for 30 days on a demo account.

I like how this looks, but can I really trust you?

I don't know... and maybe you do not even need to.

The charts are real charts, so if you liked the few samples, that's something already. (And heck: the whole strategy system is built to reveal the truth about the signals, however good or bad the numbers - there is absolutely no need to trust me because the system itself shows what works and what does not!)

Instead of deciding whether you want to trust me or not, how about you find out yourself if the system is good for you?

The 30 days guarantee is there for a reason: if I were to tell you "sure, you can trust me", I'm not sure you would. With the guarantee in place, I believe you do not need to.

With the 30-days 100% money back guarantee to remove your risk from the purchase (and the possibility to test the system on a demo account and avoid all financial risk), the question becomes "do you trust yourself to test the system and validate that it is worth including into your trading and investing toolkit?"

Because if you just buy this and never use it, that's money wasted. 100%.

But since you are here at the bottom of the page reading through the FAQ, I believe that when you buy the Climbing Valleys Strategy System, it is for the reason that you want to put it to use...

And before putting it to real use, you want to validate that the tool indeed spots good entry points, that you can set alerts to continuously watch the charts that you want to watch, and that trading with this tool by your side suits your trading / investing personality and you feel good about doing it.

If that's what you would do, I have this one friendly recommendation for you, from an investor and a trader to a colleague:

Buy the Climbing Valleys Strategy System today, put it to the test, and validate it's suitability for you.

If you hate it, that's too bad for me. You can simply email our customer support within the 30-day guarantee period and get a 100% refund. If you do that, I would be honored to learn why you hate the system so that I can improve it... but you absolutely do not need to tell any reasons: your refund request, if you make one, shall be accepted.

And if you like it, great! I'm eagerly looking forward to hearing your success stories!

DISCLAIMER: Any ROI figures stated above or in any of the training materials are not to be taken as a typical or guaranteed result or as any type of earnings claim... implied or otherwise. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. While our strategy has created the results stated above, we cannot guarantee similar results for the future years or decades. Moreover, the results of a strategy are not your results. (Yours may be higher or lower.) Your results will vary and depend on many factors… including but not limited to your background, experience, ability to understand the method, willingness and ability to follow the system as it has been designed, and your personal work ethic. All investing and trading entails risk and you should never risk money you cannot afford to lose. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET OUR INFORMATION OR SUBSCRIBE TO OUR SERVICES.

Please read our full disclaimer (available by clicking the link below) for more details.

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