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Reversal Catcher System

Buy Low, So You Can Sell Higher

New Technology Helps Traders And Investors Super-Charge Their ROI And Spend Less Time Analyzing Price Charts

Watch the demonstration below to see how it works, so you know if it could benefit you and your portfolio.

 Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON! (Please Wait For Video To Fully Load)
 Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON! (Please Wait For Video To Fully Load)

Never Buy The Top Or Short The Bottom!

FOMO destroys trading accounts and hurts investors. This is one of the things that is easy to say and hard to do... at least for me.

(See below for a visual example about how I lost pretty big!)

this lady is trying to catch the falling knife

Don't Catch A Falling Knife!

Here's another saying that you may have heard... and it's about the exact same topic of trying to buy low (to later sell high). And based on my experience, the feeling many traders and investors have after attempting to call the bottom is well described by the image of the lady in front of her laptop.

While buying the dips on assets that have a fundamentally sound reason to go higher is a good approach when our time horizon is months, years or decades...

The short-term attempts to do the same generally fail.

A recipe for short-term failure?

Take a look at the chart. Here I have highlighted all the price break out points that took place during the 2020 crash: there were four or five, depending on how close you look...

And just one won!

If the odds of winning short term are one in four, the saying about the knife certainly makes sense...

And if only the last one works, are you still going to take the trade if you already had three big and fast losses? (I did not. I shorted the bottom in 2020.)

finding the bottom is pretty difficult

But... There Is Another Way!

After spending countless hours testing various indicators on price and volume data, and then starting to program our own tools to reach better accuracy, we are happy to let you know that it is indeed possible to rather accurately call the bottoms and benefit from the big reversals also on short term!

Introducing: Reversal Catcher System

Reversal Catcher System

The Reversal Catcher System is a high-precision technical analysis system composed of two separate indicators that help investors and traders catch the biggest reversal trades with 100% confidence, with an easy-to-use alarm system that removes the need to be constantly watching price charts.

Learn How Reversal Catcher System System Helps You Trade And Invest Better

find optimal entry

Find Optimal Entry

The combination of a precise oscillator with trend-revealing linear regression analysis helps you identify the optimal entry with a high probability of success.

The easy-to-read indicators and the alerts in your toolbox, it's easier than ever to buy at the right time... before most others have a chance to move.

the perfect combination

The Perfect Combination

Low risk and high reward is usually synonymous with low probability of winning... anything else would be "unfair" and everybody would use it. Right?

With the Reversal Catcher, you will be able to enjoy an optimal mixture of high probability and reward with a low risk, and let this combination work for your portfolio.

easy to use hard to miss

Easy To Use, Hard To Miss

The clear color coding and the obvious signals make the system very simple to use. With the user guide and training videos you will have at your disposal, you will be ready to use the system in no time.

With the possibility to set alerts to your favorite charts, missing the best opportunities becomes close to impossible

Here's How The System Works

Look for a reversal trigger, verify momentum and go.

That's all. See below what this means. (It's pretty simple!)

Find a reversal warning on a falling chart

Find a reversal warning on a falling chart

The first thing on the list is to find a company or another thing that has a long-term reason to become more expensive over time, where a "price correction", or a solid dip, is happening.

Wait for a "green cloud" to appear. Set push notification alerts to never miss an early warning!

Verify momentum on trigger

Verify momentum on trigger

A reversal trigger can show when a reversal warning (green cloud) is visible. You can set an alert for the signal to not miss it.

When the signal shows, verify the momentum to avoid false signals.

Trade the reversal

Trade the reversal

Don't get me wrong - they are not all winners. There's no "100% I Win" button on the markets.

However, the more volatility there is, generally the better the Reversal Catcher System works: that's what it's built for - catching the big reversals after extended moves.

Throughout the decades and also today, this method produces amazing returns for those who know how to use it right.

Now, let's put it all together

how to use Reversal Catcher System

That's all there is to it.

You simply find a green cloud, then looks for the trigger-triangle and verify that momentum is rising (read: blue or green). There is one such signal on this chart, and I bet you can spot it now.

And remember: you can set alerts (to your email and mobile) so you never miss a big reversal on a chart you like to watch - whether it's to add to your long term stock portfolio positions at the best moments, buying penny stocks for a fast run higher, or shorting put options below pivot levels on hourly reversals in an up-trend, the Reversal Catcher System will help you get the job done.

Reversal Catcher System is the result of countless hours observing the market price action and looking for a way to find the optimal timing to buy a company's shares, a broader market index, commodity futures or crypto currencies after the price of the asset has fallen deep.

(And yes, you can have this cheat sheet.)

Timing The

Most Important Moments

On The Markets Is

Just One Click Away

Reversal Catcher System Benefits

Reversal Catcher System can take you from a struggling trader or investor to effortlessly beating the index with consistent, high margins faster than any other approach you'll ever see.

cutting edge tech on any chart

Cutting edge technology at your service, on nearly any chart

Reversal Catcher System works on TradingView, which is a free charting platform with access to a huge number of markets all around the world.

Whether you are looking at blue chip stocks from the US stock market, FOREX pairs, crypto currencies or an European stock index, you can probably find the chart that you want to watch on this platform, and you can use Reversal Catcher on it.

standalone or combined with fundamentals

Use as your technical analysis trading routine, or combine with fundamentals

If you prefer purely technical plays, you could for example look at an over sold condition on a daily chart and take reversal signals on the hourly chart with a super tight stop loss.

For those with a long-term perspective, combine your own due diligence and fundamental analysis with Reversal Catcher on slower charts to pinpoint the ideal buying moments for long-term holds. Add shares to your current position at a significant discount or purchase LEAP call options to express a more aggressive long-term view on a fundamentally strong company.

Regardless of your trading style, the Reversal Catcher System helps you uncover the optimal timing for your long and short entries.

VIP access to future versions

VIP access to continuous innovation

Your feedback plays a crucial role in the ongoing improvement of the Reversal Catcher System. We're committed to enhancing your trading and investing experience while also refining our own strategies.

Whenever we release a new version of the Reversal Catcher System, we publish the updates to all our clients, with no additional cost to the subscription.

no more missed opportunities

No more missed opportunities

Did you catch the 2018 bottom and trade it higher in January 2019? How about March - April 2020, and the V-shape recovery that followed?

How about the recovery after DotCom bubble crash, or 2009?

While most investors and traders miss these moments, there is no need for you to miss them because the Reversal Catcher helps you find them with high accuracy (and you can set alerts to avoid having to watch the charts all the time)

Alright... Let's See If It Really Is That Simple

The Famous Reversals, Made Easy

In addition to the Reversal Catcher System (RCS) technology itself, you will get access to all the settings used in these images and more, thoroughly explained to you on the RCS members portal.

SPX dotcom reversal

2001 - 2003: a little shake

The DotCom bubble's bursting led to quite a slide lower... and when it was finally over, the SPX monthly charts gave a text-book signal with a reversal warning and a momentum turn directly after.

SPX during the Great Recession

2007 - 2009: picture perfect

The Great Recession - who could forget? When it was finally over, the longest bull market in recent history started, and timing the reversal would have been really simple with the Reversal Catcher System!

SPX 2018 reversal

2018: another win for RCS!

The end of 2018 was pretty stressful time for me because I had just started trading options less than a year before. Just buying LEAPs was no longer the best game in town. Too bad I did not have RCS back then!

covid cash and bounce

2020: did you catch this?

The Covid-crash on the US stock markets was fast and furious... and short. The bottom for this one was easily captured on the daily charts and while the run was fantastic on stock, with leverage from options, it was fireworks. I hope you made a solid profit!

SPX 2022 long and short

2022: short and long examples

In 2022, the markets started heading down after a two-year post-Covid euphoric run up. While the bull markets tend to be calm, this bear market gave us big and fast moves in both directions. Absolutely fantastic with the Reversal Catcher System!

2023 new updtrend

2023: a new up-trend

A bit like 2022, but this time higher lows and higher highs, with reduced volatility. There's also a monthly reversal but the trigger and the momentum turn had 5 months in between: is this it? Despite not knowing that answer, trading the daily turns pays well!

It's not perfect... but comes quite close

If you went through all the charts above, you probably noticed at least one signal that did not work at all. And then there were those that would have probably shaken many traders out just before it finally gave a big win. (Not a problem for investors, naturally...)

Nonetheless, I believe that if you counted the winners and the losers, and calculated their potential impact to your portfolio the result may have made you chuckle.

Here's two more, this time stocks of companies you probably know: Apple Inc and Tesla, Inc.

GRIN with Climbing Valleys Strategy System
GRIN with Climbing Valleys Strategy System

One trade on AAPL weekly charts: +33% in 4 months.

Another trade on TSLA daily charts: +82% in 5 weeks.

For somebody trading with a modest $10k position size, just just these two positions would have netted


That's a +115% total profit with two relaxed trades. Not a bad way to start a year.

And that's just good old shares. No options needed. (If you know how to use them, however, the results may become unbelievably good. You have been warned!)

I traded the AAPL weekly run higher from shorter time frame triggers on many occasions with vertical call spreads for well over +100% gains per shot. Same for TSLA: the one you see here is not the only daily swing higher.

And after each up-swing, there's the equally tradeable down-swing, ready for Reversal Catcher users to profit from!

You can probably see that we could easily ask a few thousand dollars for this as an annual subscription and investors with moderate account sizes would happily pay that because they know just one win would easily pay it back...

But we do not charge even $1,000 per year for the system! (At least just yet.)

Choose The Plan That Works For You

Monthly Subscription

$49 / month

  • Karinen Direction Changes indicator and user guide

  • Karinen Momentum indicator and user guide

  • Reversal Catcher System user guide and video course

  • BONUS 1: Guide To Hedging With Broken Wing Butterfly Spreads e-book

  • BONUS 2: Apple Reversal Option Strategy

  • 30 days Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

Annual Subscription

$490 / year

  • Karinen Direction Changes indicator and user guide

  • Karinen Momentum indicator and user guide

  • Reversal Catcher System user guide and video course

  • BONUS 1: Guide To Hedging With Broken Wing Butterfly Spreads e-book

  • BONUS 2: Apple Reversal Option Strategy

  • 30 days Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

  • 2 months free, every year

Here's Everything You Get When You Subscribe Today

BONUS 1: Guide To Hedging With Broken Wing Butterfly Spreads e-book

Hedging a portfolio, while conceptually reasonable (because who would not like to have an insurance against a market correction?) is all too often not done at all because of the cost, the complexity, or simply not knowing what to do and how to do it.

This practical guide to hedging with options discusses what hedging is, why hedging is key for good long term performance, and how to do it in a surprisingly simple and cost effective way using broken wing butterfly spreads. (So cost effective that often the trader can get paid for setting up protection, and getting paid again for removing it... and then repeating!)

The book comes with examples, making moving from theory to implementation all that much easier. And it's included in this offer.

($29.00 value)

BONUS 2: Apple Reversal Option Strategy

While the Reversal Catcher System is rock-solid without options, using the right options strategies can make it even stronger.

When you subscribe today, you will get our Apple Reversals Option Strategy that has 76% win-rate and produces a +96% average return per trade. (2007 - 2023 statistics.)

Yes, you will also get all our back-testing data for it, as well as all the future improvements we make to this strategy.

This treasure is waiting for you on the members' area so jump in now and get started!

($199.00 value)



Option Investors Club Iron-Clad 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

"Spend 30 full days using this as much as you want. If you don't see the value in it, just ask for a refund by contacting our support.

And if you forget the date and write in a few days after the guarantee period ends, don't worry about it. We will refund your purchase anyway.

If you don't see the value, I don't want the money. Sound fair?"

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know Reversal Catcher will work for me?

You know, when folks ask the question "What if this does not work for me…"

What I'm really hearing is: "Hey, I like everything you have shown me but I'm not sure I can do this."

You know, I could sit here all day and tell you this is going to be super easy… but it is not, and if you have been trading or investing any amount of time, you probably know it.

Tools and strategies can be simple to use… but still difficult to follow.

Fear and greed make traders blow up accounts, and while these signals are super accurate, FOLLOWING THEM may not be easy.

So… while on paper, trading and investing is simple: you buy cheap, and you sell expensive…

Many people do the exact opposite. And many quit: Based on research done by some university folks, 40% of all traders quit within their first month and just one in five last over two years.

But: those who quit never get to enjoy the life that consistently profitable traders and investors can achieve.

And guess why they quit?

They take trades that feel good, but that are doomed to fail.

The Climbing Valleys Strategy System allows you to do two things: take trades that generally work, and avoid trades that usually fail.

While nothing is perfect (and you get to see the exact historical probabilities and other stats), betting on consistent winners and avoiding consistent losers is, over time, a fantastic way to become a consistently winning trader.

As you are still here weighing this decision, I have a feeling that you are one of those people who do not give up.

If you think this system could help you increase your ROI on the markets, here's how you can try this without any risk:

Get the Reversal Catcher System now and test it for 30 days on a demo account.

You are covered by our iron-clad 30-day full money back guarantee, and even after the first 30 days, you can end your subscription any time, so there is no risk on that front. Using a demo account instead of risking your real portfolio means that you are not risking your capital on the test either.

How much time will trading this system take?

People with busy professional lives and a family to take care of may worry about not having enough time to use the Reversal Catcher System.

With active trading, that's a very valid point!

With this approach, however, you can literally just set alarms to go off on a few charts that you like, for example S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow Jones…

Or Apple, Tesla, Chevron, Deere, Home Depot, Abbvie, Ethereum and Crude Oil…

Whatever you like, really.

And then you literally do nothing until you get an alert.

For example on TSLA daily charts, the alert received in early January 2023 gave over +80% profit in just 5 weeks.

So while you DO need to trade or invest, with this approach you do not need to be very active.

The signals are supposed to be taken when the signal bar is complete, so if you are watching the daily charts for stocks, ETFs and options, it's when the market closes in the afternoon and for futures and crypto it's in the evening.

The schedule is always the same, so it is possible to make space in also a tight schedule for something that, if it happens, tends to always happen at the same time of the day.

Would you be ready to take investing and trading seriously if it would require you to make sure you have a bit of time in the afternoon or in the evening… IF you get an alert from a chart that you want to follow.

Checking the chart and verifying that the signal is valid is literally a question of a few seconds and setting up the trade should not take anybody longer than a minute.

We both know getting consistent high ROI through investing and trading is more important than those few minutes.

Get the Reversal Catcher System now and start using it to improve your ROI

First, you are covered by our iron-clad 30-day full money back guarantee. Your subscription has no minimum contract period, so you can end it any time if you don't like the system. Also after the guarantee period. If you use a demo account instead of risking your real portfolio, you can learn the system 100% risk-free.

Nothing to lose, a lot to win.

What is the win rate?

The win rate depends totally on the chart you use: the stock / other asset AND the time-frame. This is the same for every trading system on the planet, by the way, so if a YouTube video from a guru tells you something else, you can safely disregard the information.

Moreover, the win probability depends on your approach.

Buying stock, buying calls, selling puts and trading option spreads all give a different win probability (and risk vs reward profile) for the same signal on one chart.

So instead of making claims for win rates, I would much rather have you try the system and see how it works for your trading style and choice of approach. (We do give some recommendations, however. You can see them on the Reversal Catcher System's members' area.)

Get the Reversal Catcher System now.

You are fully covered by our iron-clad 30 days 100% money back guarantee. Your flexible subscription terms allow you to cancel any time, so there is no risk on that front, and using a demo account instead of risking your real portfolio means that you are not risking your capital until you are 100% sure you are ready and know what you are doing.

How do I contact support?

You can reach our support via email. Please write your emails in English and send them to support@optioninvestors.club

Why is Reversal Catcher System so cheap?

The main reason this is so affordable is that we want to get a wide user base before bringing price on-par with similar tools from other trading technology providers on the market.

Get Reversal Catcher System now while it's still so affordable.

Why is this so expensive?

When we had a "buy for life" offer, we sometimes got this question. But with the current $49 per month subscription model, is this still truly a frequently asked question?

We hope not! If you are an investor or a trader and $49 feels expensive, we are truly scratching our heads.

On a $1k position, that's a 5% move, once per month. We dare you to subscribe, go through the user user manuals and see on charts how the system works, and then think just how big a bargain that $49 per month truly is.

With inflation running wild and all that, we're looking to bump the monthly fee soon. But not for current subscribers.

Start your Reversal Catcher System subscription today to increase your ROI and avoid paying more every month when we bump the subscription fees to fight inflation. (You lock in this $49/month rate for you subscription, so don't delay!)

Are you using this yourselves, or just selling crap to fools online?

That's a great question.

While it may be true that internet is half-full of crap, and there certainly are trading gurus out there who have never traded for real...

We develop technology first and foremost for our own use. Some of the technology is made available to our customers.

The technology we make available for consumers needs to be reliable, provide good quality information, and it has to be easy to use so our support email box does not get flooded.

However, this may still not be right for you. For example, if you do not like buying the dips and selling the rips but want to buy break-outs instead, you may not like this system at all.

Here's how to find out easily and with minimal risk if you like the Reversal Catcher System:

Subscribe to the Reversal Catcher System now and test it on a demo account if you are not sure it truly works.

I like how this looks, but can I really trust you?

I don't know... and maybe you do not even need to.

The charts are real charts, so if you liked the few samples and the simplified user's guide, that's something already.

Instead of deciding whether you want to trust me or not, how about you find out yourself if the system is good for you?

Because if you just buy this and never use it, that's money wasted. 100%.

But since you are here at the bottom of the page reading through the FAQ, I believe that when you buy the Reversal Catcher System, it is for the reason that you want to put it to use...

And before putting it to real use, you want to validate that the tool indeed spots good entry points during dips, that you can set alerts to continuously watch the charts that you want to watch, and that trading with this tool by your side suits your trading / investing personality and you feel good about doing it.

If that's what you would do, I have this one friendly recommendation for you, from an investor and a trader to a colleague:

Get the Reversal Catcher System today, put it to the test, and validate it's suitability for you.

If you hate it, that's too bad for me. If that is the case, you will probably figure that out during the first 30 days, and then you can just get a full refund. And if you at any point after that decide you no longer want to use this trading tech, you can cancel your subscription any time. If you do that, I would be honored to learn how I can improve the system so you would want to become a user again later... but you absolutely do not need to tell any reasons.

And if you like it, great! I'm eagerly looking forward to hearing your success stories!

DISCLAIMER: Any ROI figures stated above or in any of the training materials are not to be taken as a typical or guaranteed result or as any type of earnings claim... implied or otherwise. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. While our strategy has created the results stated above, we cannot guarantee similar results for the future years or decades. Moreover, the results of a strategy are not your results. (Yours may be higher or lower.) Your results will vary and depend on many factors… including but not limited to your background, experience, ability to understand the method, willingness and ability to follow the system as it has been designed, and your personal work ethic. All investing and trading entails risk and you should never risk money you cannot afford to lose. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET OUR INFORMATION OR SUBSCRIBE TO OUR SERVICES.

Please read our full disclaimer (available by clicking the link below) for more details.

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